Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cupcakes, Faires and Cool Junk

I've had a hankering for cupcakes lately, so I figured Valentine's Day would be the best excuse to make them! Have you ever wanted to bake some heart-shaped ones but didn't have (were too cheap to buy) the heart pans? I don't remember where I heard about this, but after the paper wrapper has been filled with the batter, you just place a glass marble in between it and the pan, bake it and viola! you have a heart-shaped cupcake! Pretty nifty tip coming from someone who hates to cook, huh? And I just love getting out my plates with vintage valentine images on them!

Last Sunday Room With A Past had a booth at the First Annual Heartland Danville Art & Antiques Faire. It was a beautiful day for it. Audrey & I were happy to see lots of familiar faces and to meet so many future customers! We also got to meet other store owners and antiquers from all over. For some reason, sheet music was a big seller for us that day...

During a lull in the festivities, we went over to the Rachel Capil Photography booth and had our pictures taken. The gals from Original Sin dressed us up as 1940's pin-up girls! Check out Rachel's blog for more info on getting one of these fun portraits done for yourself!

This huge (we're talking as big as an airplane hanger big), two-story boathouse is where I spent a couple of fun hours last weekend! I had read about this sale in Rodeo, and when I emailed for more info, I received a prompt reply from Wendy Addison! She was manning the helm of this sale, and was gracious enough to invite me to come early and poke around for buried treasure! My flashlight and I discovered everything but the kitchen sink in there (oh wait, I did see a claw-foot bathtub--does that count?). I came away with a few great finds that will be in the shop for our February sale. Hope you can make it in. Until then, I wish you smooth sailing!


  1. The cupcakes are so cute and thye look yummy too! I can almost smell them :) Ok now I am craving cupcakes... hee hee

  2. Hi Jan, There's an award for you at my site. Haven't made it to your shop yet, but I hope to make it there soon.

  3. Hello There,
    I just found your blog and love it and the pretty things you've made. Your Shop looks amazing too, wish I could see it in person. I'm adding you to my favorites list.
    Best Wishes,
    Tracy M.