Friday, February 29, 2008

Keep looking...until you find yourself!

Last weekend was our opening at the shop, and even though the rain was steady on Saturday, we still had a pretty good turn-out! It was also the weekend for the Addison Studio sale on the Berkeley/Oakland border. (Both Barbara Schriber and Kate's Paperie carry the artful wrapping paper that's printed in the back of the studio.) I've been twice before, but since I was working at the shop, I couldn't get to the metropolian side of the tunnels until Monday afternoon; the upside of that being that everything was a bargain (at least half-off!) on the last day of their sale! It's such an oddity of items they have! Last time I walked into the frenzy that is opening day with my friend Whitney. I bought vintage doll clothes & tiny clothes pins, small convex mirrors, numbers 1 - 10 enameled on tin, bits of ephemera and foiled angel wings. All the time Whitney was asking me "What are you going to do with that?". I didn't have a clear or clever answer as to what I would do with most of it, but I knew I HAD to GET them, because I would never see anything like them AGAIN! I also got to see Wendy Addison and a customer lock and load a vintage, peach tufted settee on to the roof of the customer's little sedan! On this visit, it was just me and a dozen or so others, rummaging through the boxes, looking on the shelves and even peeking under the tables for beautiful remains. Here's a picture (minus about 20 school valentine cards I've already put into storage) of my booty. Clockwise: A box of small, vintage glass Christmas ornaments, cardboard stars with red glittering, faux cherries, DO NOT OPEN TIL CHRISTMAS labels, two old office clamps (for this ), an embroidered crown emblem, a yellow-checked goose-appliqued linen, vintage Christmas card, miniature compass, bird cookie cutter, three iron finials and an old school art instructional book from the 1940's.

My favorite find was the "Creative Art For Graded Schools" book, which I realized after quickly thumbing through it at the studio that the instructions were fabulous! I couldn't believe that out of all the people who must have seen it, no one took it home! Then imagine my surprise when I got home and was savoring the inside graphics like these:

And then came across THIS graphic on one of the still vivid color pages! I freaked!

Guess it was just meant to be mine!

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  1. a cache of goodies and with your name too. It was waiting for you; all of it. It's almost spooky when that happens.
    My sister and I came to Room With a Past on February 23, rain and all. We bought the green wicker desk and the glassed windowed wall cabinet. We had one of those "Will we get all this in the car?" moments. We did and we love what we bought. We"ll be back next month. Your store is wonderful, and you were all so nice. Thanks