Thursday, October 15, 2009

You'll Gasp, You'll Cry, You'll Scream In Horror!

The Queen Of Scream knows all, sees all. Tonight is the opening event for October at the shop. Usually, we all wear cute little flowered vintage hats, but tonight it's different. A little darker if you will.
Here's my finished crown. My "Queen Of Scream" is surrounded by her trained black widow spiders, who sit on wire spiderwebs, and she is guarded by her two bony henchmen. No sissy pets for them, they each have a cockroach!

The back is tied up with burnt orange lace for a comfortable & adjustable fit! Put it over a black witch hat and POOF! it's a hat!

The Queen has spoken. You may now kiss the dirt upon which my dark soul walks and go shopping at Room With A Past!


  1. Would you like a real Tarantula with that hat? I've got one for you. How about a dead Rattler. Just the things to add a little realism.
    Love the hat!! Wear it proudly. Wish I could be there.

  2. your cleverness always impresses me Jan!!!