Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Past Due Tuesday ~ Red Hot

I don't cook but my kitchen is red hot! Actually it's green (probably with envy of those who cook well or maybe it's just trying to disguise the unmentionable food gone bad in my fridge!) but I have lots of red accents. You may recognize the red-checked apron from an earlier post when I used it as a window treatment. The darling crochet hot pads were found and given to me by my sister Pat. The other items were all found during my hunts for items I like to sell at the shop, but they came home to roost in my kitchen instead. I've been wanting to use that rusty tool for mixing pie crusts for displaying photos. Hard to explain, but you make a stand of some sort with a wood block so that it stands vertically and slip a photo in the wire. Cuz you KNOW it's not gonna get used for making crusts in my house.

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  1. Well this is just all too cute for an admitted "non-cooking" person. So.., I'm sending you an easy recipe that you HAVE to make and use your beautiful kitchen things while doing it. This will make you feel better about owning all this wonderful "kitchen" stuff.
    I love all of it. Great photo!!

  2. hopefully I'll get to see this little pink house and it's kitchen.....until then I'll just keep tabs on ya!!!