Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Crowning. Stop Stairing!

I made a couple of chicken wire crowns for our "Beachy Sea" theme at the shop for last month's sale. I took so long making them (I had fun in my craft room!) that I hastily took one photo of each before I flew out the door, and am sorry to say they don't show them off as well as I'd like.

(You can click to enlarge photos)

(Summer Day Crown)

They both had layers of green/blue and filmy white tulle woven through the wire, but you can't see that very well here, can you?!?!?

(Gift From The Sea Crown)

I used sandpaper as a base for the medallions on each! Had to get some sand in there somewhere!!! Some dry twigs sprayed red look like corral (I hope).

And here's who bought one of them! Hey she looks familiar!

The other crown was bought by my boss, Susan! Thank you ladies! There's nothing like a good friend who buys your creations to make you feel like you really made something nice!

And stepping in another direction, here's what I did at work today. We are getting ready for the grand opening of Paris Flea Market in Livermore by fluffing this and sprucing that. Here's a little peek:
These are the steps that lead up to the Paris Cafe and Chic (Vintage Clothes) Boutique. We've been hauling stuff up and down them
for the last three months and they deserved a little treat(ment), so today I gave them a mini face lift with some green and mustard paint!

Aaaahhh, refreshing! Hope you can make it on August 5, 6, 7 & 8th to see everything we've done!


  1. LOVE the Summer Day Crown! Wouldn't these make a gal feel like a princess!

    Best wishes for the Paris Flea Market. Please post some photos for those of us who can't attend!

  2. Crowning? Oh my! But such beauty and sparkle. They would make any woman feel like a queen.
    Those steps are beautiful! Nice job. I would have helped if I'd been there...I could have brought the monkeys with me. They could have put monkey prints on the steps.
    I'm sorry.... I had wine for dinner and shouldn't write comments afterwords.

  3. Your crowns are absolutely charming!!
    Can't wait to hear about your sale!

  4. You are fabulous Jan!!! I wish I were that talented. Love your crowns!!!