Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Workbench Wednesday ~ Custom Orders

What's on my craft room table today? A few customer orders! I feel very lucky to have had quite a few requests during the last opening at Room With A Past. Here's two of them:

These miniature (3 1/2 ") chicken wire crowns are for dolls made by one of our regular customers. I started making these crowns last Christmas by request from my pal Mandi and as you can see from the post below, have found different and fun things to do with them!

Almost done with this custom-colored banner requested by a mom of of high school senior for a graduation party.

What's on your workbench? Any quilters out there excited about a project you're working on? Please share!


  1. Hi sweet Jan!! I'm so in love with these tiny crowns....I want to make some!! Yeah right, along with the other zillion things I want to try :) Yours are gorgeous!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  2. Quilting?? I just got a comment from someone who gave me a bad time because I hadn't made a quilted goat coat for Brownie like the one at the goat show.
    As if I didn't have enough irons in the fire already.... now I need to learn quilting?
    I love that banner.