Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Workbench Wednesday

What's on my craft room table today? It's a birthday crown for someone special! Just a peek for you today and then I must get back to work before my glue gun overheats!!

(P.S. Happy Birthday Marlene!)

What are you working on? Please share!

(Post updated 5/24/2011)


  1. Do you know that you are developing a "style". I can tell by the bits and pieces of the photos that this is going to be some of "Jan's work". Really!
    Do we get to see the finished piece of art? Hope so....

  2. Hey...came over to see you from farmlady and I'm giving you a follow. What a great gift- the buttons! Love it. Love your pink houses song! I live right next to JCM. (In my day he was John COUGAR Mellencamp!)
    xo, Cheryl