Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Workbench Wednesday ~ Got Hope!

What's on my craft room table today? Ideas in every stage of the project. Some will be finished at some point, others, sadly, well it's all part of the process!

First of all, my craft room desk is clean! Please look no further than the inside of the photos. You must avert your eyes from looking at the pile of projects in the center of the room, lest you think I'm some kind of hoarder.

I went to an estate sale last week. Cute little house, uncomfortably jam packed with vintage stuff stacked/piled/hung all over. BUT my purchases were limited in knowing that I'd have to pick up and carry everything I wanted to buy through the crowd of other shoppers and up to the front where items would be priced and paid for. Almost everything had the name "Maureen Mildred" scrawled on it, who I imagined to be the owner of the house, and a woman after my own heart with her love of vintage. I made it out with a few things plus these small items:

Lots of beaded necklaces in luscious shades! An old rhinestone clip, two cameo front compacts and one round brass compact.

When I opened one of the compacts when I got home and had some elbow room, this is what I discovered: (!)

Maureen musta been kind of sweet on him, huh?

What are you working on? Please share!


  1. What a nice treasure you've found! Those little trinkets at sales are always so interesting.

    I'll be curious to see where they all end up in your creations :)

  2. Is that Bob Hope in his dashing movie star days? What a find!
    I love peeking into your craft room. It doesn't look messy... it looks like "inspiration" to me.
    Have fun with all the new treasures you found.