Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cherry On Top Trophy

How do you show appreciation to a pal who has done something out of the goodness of her heart so unselfishly for you? Something which warmed the cockles of your heart so much that you thought they deserved some kind of sweet award?

How about a fork full of juicy color?

wood blocks in various sizes
a fork
Whisker Graphics Divine Twine (I used Lemon, Cotton Candy, Orange, Green Apple, Plum & Cherry)
Whisker Graphics Sweet Sticky (I used the Dark Pink Scrolly Square)
Faux Cherry

Decide on how to stack your painted blocks. Hammer a slot in your top block using a regular screwdriver the width of your fork end. (No, dear, I don't know HOW the handle of the screwdriver got a crack in it!!!) Paint blocks and glue together. Spray paint fork silver if desired.

Print your sentiment on the Sweet Sticky using template that comes with these darling labels, and press onto your painted block.

Dip your Divine Twine into fabric stiffener, remove excess and wrap around the fork. When dry, glue cherry to the fork tines and slip fork into the slot you created and glue.


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  1. What a delicious trophy! Super sweet.

  2. This is wonderful. What a great way to thank someone.
    I think you are on to something here. This has business opportunity written all over it.