Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gallery Concord Opening

What light from yonder window (in the fabulous Masonic Hall, built in 1927!) breaks?

Let's take a peek. It looks like it might be something fun, interesting and different!

Of course it is--it's Gallery Concord, in Concord, CA. They are currently hosting their "Winter Spectrum" series starting out with "Serenity", which includes mostly watercolors, (with a few other mediums thrown in to keep it interesting!) done by mostly local artists.

The opening night/artist reception was last night, January 6th. There was a great turn out, and we all enjoyed noshing on homemade tidbits & wine as we moved among the paintings, quilted fiber arts, 3-D sculpture, and print cards as the Dana Street Jazz Trio played on...

All these sculptures were made by my pal, artist Susan Shore of Point Richmond, CA.

I, a self-proclaimed lover all all things junky, find her pieces highly intriguing because of the found objects she incorporates within them. But this one is my favorite:

The show continues through March 25th. Admission is free but donations won't be turned down!


  1. her pieces are quite intriguing...also loving the last one. Sounds like a nice evening out and a great event.

  2. Super cool! I'll have to check it out.