Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Workbench Wednesday ~ You Gotta Have Heart

Although the January sale at Room With A Past is over (sorry if you missed it!) I'd like to share a creation I put in my spot for my Valentine's theme (the next opening will be Feb 16 - 19th--after Valentine's Day!)

I made this wire form about a year ago, and it was hanging around out in my garden. I stuffed it with tulle, added a tulle skirt, and a pair of wings and presto change-o, she's ready to be the belle of the Valentine Ball!

What have YOU been working on? Please share with a comment!


  1. How Heavenly!!
    That form must have been a lot of work. It's very cool. All the tulle and wings just add to the beauty of it.
    I'm still working on my knitting and felting. I finished a scarf yesterday and will be embellishing it tomorrow. You can see it on my Thursday post.
    Be good, sweetie.

  2. I love the one I bought from you last year! It sits out side my bedroom window with a clematis 'josephine' entangling her.

  3. You are one talented woman Jan. Love it!!!