Thursday, May 10, 2012

Historic Galindo Home In Concord, CA

I've told you I'm a "Homie" before, right? I love old houses, and I love it even more when they are preserved instead of torn down. So this house is a dream come true. Thanks to the hard work of the Concord Historical Society, it's almost ready to open to the public for tours!

The large and beautiful gardens surrounding the house have been open for a year or so. As I walked around it, I noticed the floor plan must be very similar to the Goodale-McKenzie-Collins House. And soon I'll be able to be inside to figure it all out, because I became a docent, and will soon be giving tours of the interior!

According to the City Of Concord, "This house was built in 1856 for Don Francisco Galindo and his wife, Maria Dolores Manuela (Pacheco) Galindo, Don Salvio's second daughter. At that time, it was one of the few Victorian ranch houses in the county.

When their oldest son, Juan "John" Galindo and his bride, Marina "Sarah" (Amador) Galindo took up residence in 1880, the original six-room house was expanded to ten rooms. After their eldest child, Frederick, and Catherine (Hittman) Galindo were married in 1911, title was transferred to the next generation.

Following Mrs. Catherine Galindo's death in 1966, the house continued to be the residence of her children Harold, Ruth and Leonora. As the last, direct descendant of the family, Ms. Ruth Galindo resided in the home until her death in December 1999.

With distribution of her estate, the house and its surrounding property of approximately 1.5 acres were deeded to the City of Concord to be preserved for public use as a house museum and park."

The way I see it, this city has a new jewel in its crown, and I get to help keep it polished.

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